Anna Paulsson MD


Anna Paulsson MD









Educational Background

Radiation Oncology Residency, University of California San Francisco (2014-2018

Preliminary Medicine Internship, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (2013-2014) 

M.D., Wake Forest University School of Medicine (2013)

B.S., Physiological Sciences, minor in French and Francophone studies, University of California, Los Angeles (2008)

Awards & Fellowships

President, Wake Forest University School of Medicine Class of 2013

Executive Director, DEAC Student-Run Free Clinic at Wake Forest School of Medicine 

Selected Publications and Abstracts

Paulsson AK, Holmes JA, Peiffer AM, Miller LD, Xu J, Hinson WH, Lesser GJ, Laxton AW, Tatter SB, Debinski W, Chan MD. Comparison of Clinical Outcomes and Genomic Signatures Between Single Focus and Multifocal Glioblastoma. J Neuro Oncology. 2014 Jul.

Paulsson AK, McMullen KP, Peiffer AM, Hinson WH, Kearns WT, Johnson AJ, Lesser GJ, Ellis TL, Tatter SB, Debinski W, Shaw EG, Chan MD. Limited margins using modern radiotherapy techniques does not increase marginal failure rate of glioblastoma. Am J ClinOncol. 2012 Dec 1.

Franklin S, Zhang MJ, Chen H, Paulsson AK, Mitchell-Jordan SA, Li Y, Ping P, Vondriska TM. Specialized compartments of cardiac nuclei exhibit distinct proteomic anatomy. Mol Cell Proteomics.2011 Jan; 10(1): M110.000703.

Paulsson AK, Franklin S,Mitchell-Jordan SA, Rex S, Wang Y, Vondriska TM. Posttranslational regulation of calsarcin-1 during pressure overload-induced hypertrophy. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2010 Jun; 48 (6): 1206-14. 

Whitlow CT, Chan MD, Wagner JS, Sauer RN, Lesser GJ, Bennett MB, Tatter SB, Ellis TL, Paulsson AK, Johnson AJ. Glioblastoma multiforme progression or treatment-related pseudoprogression? A direct comparison of common MRI diffusion and perfusion sequences at the neuroradiology clinical workstation. American Society of Neuroradiology Annual Meeting, 2012.